London McMap

Below is a map of Big Mac meal prices at McDonald’s across London.


The map answers the questions:

  • Does the price of McDonald’s vary across London? Yes! By a lot.
  • How much is a McDonald’s? How much is a Big Mac meal? The cost of a McDonald’s Big Mac meal varies in London between £4.09 and £4.89.
  • Where is the cheapest McDonald’s in London? Greenwich!
  • Where is the most expensive McDonald’s in London? Uxbridge – out near the M25.
  • What is the shortest distance I can travel to save money? Walking 300 meters inside Victoria Station will save you 20p.
  • Is McDonald’s tasty? Yes.
  • Why isn’t my local McDonald’s on this map? The map is partially complete. You can help complete it by telling us the price of a regular Big Mac meal at any McDonald’s not on the map.